Towers and Interlockings


  1. John Brahaney says:

    This is a great website. I am hoping for information, diagrams, and photos of the tower at Geneva Junction. I thought maybe there would be a former lineman, signal rat, operator, or foreman who could tell me about the history of the tower, as I go past it’s foundation working the railroad as a trainman today. Did it burn, or did the Lehigh take it down and when? Vandals have really gone after the location as a whole, including stripping off some of the lights on the signal bridge, but there are other landmarks that can still be made out at the junction. Just looking for a lil’ history. Thanks again.

  2. Russel E. Bachert, Jr. says:

    To whom it may concern:

    I grew up in a railroad family and most all of my relatives were employees of the Lehigh Valley Railroad and lived and worked in the small railroad town of Delano, PA. My interest in is re-creating my hometown with scale model structure and engines that were built after the town was founded in l861. Recently I aquired some photos and have a small collection of memorabilia. I would like to secure a map of railroad tracks, buildings, etc from which to build a model railroad. I am considering S-scale. The town is located in Schuylkill County, PA. If anyone who reads this has advice I welcome your response.


    Russel E. Bachert, Jr.

  3. Homer says:

    Thanks! This is a great website!

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