Steam Locomotives


  1. john h. benner says:

    Excellent array of photos. Several captions not related to photo or in error as to wheel arrangement. I have copies /prints of some since boyhood times growing up in Hazleton in 40’s to 60’s era.

    • Jim Zogby says:

      John, how are you? Joe and I haven’t heard or seen you in forty years. What is your address these days?

      Jim Zogby

  2. frank says:

    Hi there. Found your site when looking for info on LV 2-8-0 camelbacks. Have you ever looked at links like this. It is LV 2-8-0c #310 new when built article and photo. Link opens to page off article. This one only one page. From this link you can access whole book. If you magnify more that 2 or 3 times the pages jump ahead and you lose place. Remember your page, or go back and reopen link.
    Also the information with your photo, # 69 of 224, of 2-8-0c 681 the Vulcan Compound seems to be wrong. Your info saying it had a original number of 696, and that the number was changed to 681 in 1905, is wrong because a photo of 681, same engine different photo, is in a railroad journal in Dec 1898. Also your last photo of a 0-6-0c going away from photographer. rose pollard photo, is a DL&W 0-6-0 # 62 something, maybe 1.
    Here is the link to the internet archive book for 2-8-0 #310 as built.
    this is a link for the 1898 article and photo of LV 2-8-0c # 681. on page 395.

  3. Stone says:

    This is the perfect way to break down this infrmotiaon.

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