1. Mike Strasburg says:

    Interesting site, my grandfather Charles E. Strasburg of Bethleham, PA worked for the LVRR for several years before passing away April 1924. My dad Elmer C. Strasburg of Hazelton, PA also worked for LVRR repairing the rails and replacing the ties. My dad got me interested in railroading.

  2. Cam Unknown says:

    I recently went inside of an abandoned Passenger Station that I believe was part of the old Lehigh Valley Railroad. There were a decent amount of relics left behind from the 1960s-70s including a large cargo scale, ticket booth windows, tile walls, stairwell with railings, newspaper clippings taped to the walls. Here is a link to a video of the interior so you can get an idea of the condition it is in today. Amazing there is anything even left at all! Enjoy!

  3. My dad worked LV RR for 47 years. I worked about six months NS RETURNED TO THE US NAVY. From what I remember the yard covered about 400 acres. The Black Diamond train went through Manchester @1145AM.

  4. Wayne Lynch says:

    Is there more information regarding the Easton station as mentioned in the caption form Kevin Flynn? I’m modeling this area and would value any detailed information.

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