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  1. Robert Snyder says:

    Hello, again,
    Did you receive the photo I sent you a couple of days ago showing a train at the Spencer, NY depot? Today I received 5 photos of the Van Etten wreck of 1920 which you have the record on. Would you like to have copies of them?


  2. I would like to see harold robinson in leheigh valley station

  3. Marty Murphy says:

    Hi Riichard,
    I have been trying toget more information regarding Leigh Valley Routes. My Grandfather Bernard (Barney) T Murphy work for Leigh High RR. In 1910 he was a Firemen. In 1918 he was a Brakeman. In the 1920 Census he was a Conductor. He was born in Honeyoe Falls but worked out of Rochester. He worked for the LHV RR for 49 years. I have more information I can share. Incidently, my grandfather had a sister who married a Palmer. Her name was Hattie Palmer. Any realtion by chance?


    • Patty Palmer Mikal says:

      Marty – my great grandmother was named Hattie Palmer. My email is – contact me. I am looking for info on an aunt Fannie Palmer that was killed in a buggy crash with a LHVRR engine.

  4. I would be interested in any pictures of the Elmira and Cortland Branch.Specially near where the E&C branch crossed over the Main line near Van Etten,N.Y. Also the Swartwood and Park Staion stations.And of course any other pictures of the Elmira and Cortland Branch from Elmira to Spencer,N.Y.
    I look forward to seeing these pictures and say thank you to anyone helping me finding these pictures.I grew up in Breesport,N.Y. back in the 1960’s.So I have a lot of interest in the Elmira and Cortland Branch of the Lehigh Valley
    Best regards,Gaylord Ewing
    Best regards, Gaylord Ewing

  5. A St. Louis says:

    Where do I get ROW mapping for survey in Piscataway/So. Plainfield, NJ

    • Douglas Barry says:

      Are you still looking for a ROW map for So. Plainfield? I will have to check my plans I may have something for you. Please contact me via email and let me know what Mile Posts are you looking for.

  6. Dick: This website needs a route map of the railroad. Perhaps you have a technicolor version in your vast archives. Over and out.

  7. Robert Snyder says:

    Are you interested in West Candor, Snyder Station, and Willseyville all on the Lehigh EC&N branch? I also hAve a photo of a wreck in West Candor.


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