1. Matt Ganley says:

    I have a pastel drawing of what I think is LV 2915, at least that is the number on the engine. My mother’s uncle, Wayne Howland, did a number of such drawings and some appeared as covers for railroad trade magazines back in the day and this is one of his original works. Anyone have information on this particular engine?

    Thanks in advance.

    • joe fabregas says:

      Hi Matt, I looked in my rosters and could not find a 2915. My numbers go from 2734 to 3000. There’s a 2015 (4-6-2), 2115 (4-6-2), 2415 (4-4-2), and 2615 (4-4-0). Pretty sure of the number and that it’s LVRR? Let me know. Joe-

    • joe fabregas says:

      jmfabregas at yahoo dot com

  2. Richard Palmer says:

    Mr. Snyder,
    You never answered my note about donating those items you had to our railroad club at Martisco.
    Richard Palmer

    • Robert Snyder says:

      Sorry. I didn’t know there was a note for me. I am a collector of Spencer items and have promised when I obtain them that they will stay in Spencer. I hope you understand. You may take copies of them though.

      Have a great day,


      PS. I do have a photo Post Card of the DeRuyter station on E:bay.

  3. Robert Snyder says:

    LV 0005 is a photo that I have also. My original photo says, “First Train entering Spencer, NY”

    Bob Snyder

  4. Robert Snyder says:

    The photo LV 0227 was taken at the Summit Station (North Spencer). I quickly recognized it. I too have this original. I do have two other photos taken of the station before it was called North
    Spencer. Would you like copies of these? I also hAve photos of the original depot in
    Spencer before the fire of 1900.

    Bob Snyder

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