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  1. Richard Evans says:

    I live on the Black diamond railroad near Ithaca and did grow up here Always remember the steam trains and there whistle in the cold night at the farm near Glenwood on the west side of the lake . My father stopped the train in the 1935 flood and prevented it from becoming a disaster in he Glenwood gorge
    because the rails and trestle was hanging in the air.
    I’am very interested in getting a road bed map of any private crossings from the 1865 Ithaca Railroad Company who started the rail past my house.

  2. Rich Brazicki says:

    Did the Leheigh railroad have color coded Tower signs?

  3. charles caldes says:

    Excelent site!! Am looking for LV maps of Jersey City ( 1940’s – 1960’S ) for next book. Trying to include the rte.440 branch. I have only 1 photo. Thanks, Charles Caldes

    • Joe Fanning says:

      *Just* came across this site and am smiling at your note. Grew up in JC. My father and g-father were electricians for the PRR. During my Boy Scout days, I got the Railroad Merit Badge. Once, while visiting my dad at work (he allowed me to raise the bridge across the Hackensack River! My g-father was in charge of the Exchange Place station where
      “all” the lines met before entering the tunnels to the Hudson. anyway, as anyone form hudson county knows – Route 440 is referred to as “THE Back Highway.” 😀

  4. Nathan Edgars II says:

    It doesn’t appear in a 1978 Buffalo Division track chart (RDBR 48-0603 makes it west to MP 443.4, just west of William Street) or on a Buffalo map in the front of a 1991 Albany track chart (the latter shows a bunch of 1982 abandonments). Most likely any right-of-way not bought by the Thruway Authority remained with the Lehigh Valley/Penn Central trustees when Conrail was formed.

  5. Helen Blair says:

    Very interesting site! I am trying to determine LV RR ownership of the main east-west former LVRR line that ran east-west just north of Perry Street, and crossed Louisiana and terminated near Washington Street/Scott Street. It was adjacent to and south of the former Hamburg Canal.
    You have the best map I have been able to locate for this line.
    I work in Conrail’s Real Estate Department, and have been tring to find any valuation maps for this line, and whether Conrail ever had any interest in it, but have had no luck so far.
    We do have maps of the Tifft Street area to the south, but that’s as close as I can get.
    I never worked for the LV, but have known people who did.
    If you have any knowledge of what happened to this line, and would be willing to share, it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Helen Blair

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