1. Tom says:

    I noticed on your site that the “Diesel’s” pictures section is not viewable. All of the rest of the website pictures are.
    Thanks, Tom

  2. Jeanne Roll - Kern says:

    I just found this site today and pulled out photos belonging to my grandfather, Edwin W. Roll who worked out of the Manchester Yard. In a photo, train number 560 is shown and I do not see that engine shown on this site.

  3. tom de pollo says:

    3rd pix on right (LV 504-506) is completely wrong. The units shown are GE U23’s (2250 HP) purchased in 72 (I think) There were 12 units altogether. They were purchased with gov’t funds because the gov’t knew they would go to Conrail when it was formed.

  4. Great arrangement of the photos of the Lehigh Valley switcher and road diesels, especially the final Cornell red with bright yellow letters on the sides, that was the best paint color for the Lehigh Valley diesels ever. Too bad, the Canadian National railroad didn’t purchase the Lehigh Valley railroad
    in 1970, and kept it as the Lehigh Valley Railroad

  5. Nelson Corn says:

    Fabulous site………

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