Derailments & Wrecks


  1. Helaine Heiker Lewis says:

    My great great grandfather Augustus Heiker was the engineer of train #15. He died in a train wreck July 1 1879 in Fairview PA when a misplaced switch threw the engine down an embankment. The fireman, Ed Knull, also died in the wreck. I found this out in a newspaper archive. I’d sure like to know where I can get more information on my grandfather and the wreck.

  2. Carmelo Piparato says:

    My father was a train master on the Lehigh Vally Railroad befor 1968. He bought the friendly tavern in Easton Pa In forks township. There was a train derailment in our back yard between 1968 and 1978 any pictures of that one?…..Nice photos

  3. anthony says:

    I have a photograph showing a LVRR wreck which is dated 12/1/1924. I read the DOT accident report for 11/24/24, but that doesn’t seem to be the same wreck. Does anyone know if there was a wreck on that date in which 3-6 passenger cars derailed and rolled down a 20+ foot hill? I seem to think the wreck happened on 12/1 because there are dozens of people standing around looking shaken.

  4. Denise Fair says:

    Do you have any more info or names of deceased from a LV accident dated July 27, 1913? My great-grandfather was died from a train accident on July 28, 1913. He was an employee of a rail road company and was from Bethlehem PA. I can find reference to an employee dying in an accident from July 27, 1913, but there is no mention of his name.

    • Just Me says:

      Denise, was your great-grandfather from Kenny’s or your mom’s side of the family? This info will help narrow it down. I can find it.

  5. Joel Holmes says:

    Gaylord, Give my your e-mail as I have some pictures of the Brockendale trestle. I can copy or take a photo of it for you. Joel Holmes

  6. Does anyone have any information about a Lehigh Valley Railroad wreck that occured about 3-miles from Breesport,N.Y. about 1911-1914? I understand the Elmira and Cortland Branch passenger train was headed for Horseheads,N.Y. at the time of the derailment/wreck.I also understand that my Great-Grandfather was on board that train,and was injured as a result of the derailment.
    Would there be any pictures of the above mentioned train wreck? I look forward to any information,that anyone would have.Thanks.Also any picutres of the Brooktondale,N.Y. railroad trestle.
    Best regards,Gaylord Ewing

    • Joel Holmes says:

      Hi Gaylord, The wreck I think you may be referring to happened on 6-12-1911. I have very little on it except the engine, 2638, a 4-4-0 stayed on the tracks, a combination mail/baggage rerailed the rear truck, and two coaches turned on their sides. Sorry I cannot be of more help as my info is very limited. Joel Holmes

    • Bruce Tracy says:

      I have four postcards showing the wreck Joel describes. The date and engine number match.

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