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  1. jack kenish says:

    Got on this site , searching for info about my father Harry Kenish LV sayre pa. Part of
    job was to go out with the weck crane . He could be gone for some time. The picture
    the wreck looks like the crane out of Sayre , I use to have a few pictures of the crane ,
    working , I,ll have to see if I can find them. I tried to find the name of my father in an
    LV list of employees, but no luck. Would appreciate any help. I read someplace that
    someone wants to restore passenger service , between NYC and Scranton Pa.

    regards jack 10-3-2021

  2. James Slear says:

    My great grandfather James Alfred Slear was a an assistant yardmaster from Jersey City. He died from “Rail Road Injuries” on 21 April 1903. Although his death notice is listed in both the Jersey City News and the Jersey Journal, I could not find any articles about a fatal yard accident in the days surrounding 21 April. I am not certain whether he worked for the LVRR, CNJ, PRR, or Erie. I only know that he lived in Jersey City and following his accident, was taken to St. Francis Hospital in Jersey City. This tells me he probably worked in Jersey City. If anyone has any information on accident records that took place, I would be grateful.

  3. Helaine Heiker Lewis says:

    My great great grandfather Augustus Heiker was the engineer of train #15. He died in a train wreck July 1 1879 in Fairview PA when a misplaced switch threw the engine down an embankment. The fireman, Ed Knull, also died in the wreck. I found this out in a newspaper archive. I’d sure like to know where I can get more information on my grandfather and the wreck.

  4. Carmelo Piparato says:

    My father was a train master on the Lehigh Vally Railroad befor 1968. He bought the friendly tavern in Easton Pa In forks township. There was a train derailment in our back yard between 1968 and 1978 any pictures of that one?…..Nice photos

  5. anthony says:

    I have a photograph showing a LVRR wreck which is dated 12/1/1924. I read the DOT accident report for 11/24/24, but that doesn’t seem to be the same wreck. Does anyone know if there was a wreck on that date in which 3-6 passenger cars derailed and rolled down a 20+ foot hill? I seem to think the wreck happened on 12/1 because there are dozens of people standing around looking shaken.

  6. Denise Fair says:

    Do you have any more info or names of deceased from a LV accident dated July 27, 1913? My great-grandfather was died from a train accident on July 28, 1913. He was an employee of a rail road company and was from Bethlehem PA. I can find reference to an employee dying in an accident from July 27, 1913, but there is no mention of his name.

    • Just Me says:

      Denise, was your great-grandfather from Kenny’s or your mom’s side of the family? This info will help narrow it down. I can find it.

  7. Joel Holmes says:

    Gaylord, Give my your e-mail as I have some pictures of the Brockendale trestle. I can copy or take a photo of it for you. Joel Holmes

  8. Does anyone have any information about a Lehigh Valley Railroad wreck that occured about 3-miles from Breesport,N.Y. about 1911-1914? I understand the Elmira and Cortland Branch passenger train was headed for Horseheads,N.Y. at the time of the derailment/wreck.I also understand that my Great-Grandfather was on board that train,and was injured as a result of the derailment.
    Would there be any pictures of the above mentioned train wreck? I look forward to any information,that anyone would have.Thanks.Also any picutres of the Brooktondale,N.Y. railroad trestle.
    Best regards,Gaylord Ewing

    • Joel Holmes says:

      Hi Gaylord, The wreck I think you may be referring to happened on 6-12-1911. I have very little on it except the engine, 2638, a 4-4-0 stayed on the tracks, a combination mail/baggage rerailed the rear truck, and two coaches turned on their sides. Sorry I cannot be of more help as my info is very limited. Joel Holmes

    • Bruce Tracy says:

      I have four postcards showing the wreck Joel describes. The date and engine number match.

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