Jersey City Employees


  1. Dan Kiernan says:

    Just found this web site and showed it and the pictures to my father, Jerry Kiernan. He loved it. Thanks to all who put this together.

    • Jim Donovan says:

      Jerry a big hello from the Great Smoky Mtns.all is well here,i’ll be retired 17 yrs. in June,boy did that go fast,
      stay well. ole crooked back.

  2. Dennis Elliott Jr says:

    Nice to find these pictures. Saw my dad in a few of them…When I showed them to him he really seemed to enjoy looking them over. Bought back some memories for him.

  3. Ron Dolce says:

    I found your website as I was looking for sites for Lehigh valley model trains. My father, 2 uncles and a cousin worked on the Lehigh Valley during the forties, fifties and sixties. As I looked through the section labelled Jersey City Employees, I saw pictures with my two uncles in them. It was great to see the pictures. I may have pictures of them on the job. If I can scan them, I will can get them to you.

    Ron Dolce

  4. Namari says:

    God help me, I put aside a whole afrteonon to figure this out.

  5. JRypski says:

    Wondering how I get information on my Grandfather Michael Matyola who worked as a gateman at the Main Street Crossing in Manville New Jersey. He retired from the LV railroad,

  6. Jim Donovan says:

    Thank you,John for the 4 new pics. Jimmy

  7. Jim Donovan says:


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