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  1. Rick Dormady says:

    I am trying to find information on my grandfather Edward Aloysious Dormady who was a Fireman on the geneva – Ithaca NY run for Lehigh Valley Railroad in the 30s-50s. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Ken says:

    I am trying to find any info on my grandfather who I believe was a engineer with the LVRR in the late 1800 or early 1900 as he died in 1938. I would appreciate anyone who has heard of him, his name was Corea Albert Sands. Thank You

  3. J. Colburn says:

    Page #3 Image 59. Dubby Herman was my maternal grandfather.I never met him as he died was I was a few months old. Not too many pics of him that I have seen. He resided most of his life in Manchester NY. Some of my family still reside in the area.

  4. daniel granato says:

    I love this website and all of the comments. I’m trying to learn anything I can about the LVRR police. There’s not just a lot of information out there on them. If anybody can tell me any type of information then I would greatly appreciate it. Even any LVRR police stories from any family members. I’m just a big LVRR police fan trying to learn as much as I can about them. I feel that they are not recognized enough in the police realm and there’s not enough stories out there to prove their importance in the LVRR history.

  5. nancy coney says:

    i was glad to see a picture of my father Julius Funk, you have his name as Jules everyone called him Jake, he worked for lehigh valley for many years and retired in the 70s due to health reasons, he was also forman for Lehigh valley r.r. for many years,great site.

  6. Helen L. Van Reed says:

    Thank you so much for the time and effort that went into developing this site. My father, Arthur Van Reed, worked for the LVRR from (I believe)the 1920’s up until his retirement in the early 1960’s. He retired as the Supt. of Police — proud right up to the end — of the railroad, its employees and the esteemed place the LV held in writing America’s history.

    • daniel granato says:

      Glad to hear your dad was a lvrr police officer. I commend him for his duty. As a police officer myself and a lvrr police fan I would have loved to have meet him. Thank you for your post. Daniel Granato

  7. Patricia McCormick says:

    I would like to know if there are any photos or employee records for Robert McCormick who was a conduction 1890-1920 or his son Howard Elmer McCormick who worked for LV RR in Bethlehem, PA in the 1920’s.

  8. jeanne rymell kulatunge says:

    Looking for photos of rymell ancestors who worked on railroad

  9. seeking info,pictures owen mclane engineer l.v. r.r. 1940-1960.

  10. Susan M. Gauss says:

    Wow, I found my grandfather in the Sayre employee picture(third row, middle picture)he’s standing in the second row down, second person in on the left. Any idea what year this was taken?

  11. Susan M. Gauss says:

    I see you have posted a inside picture of the Sayre roundhouse. Any idea what year that was taken? My grandfather Otto Gauss worked in the Sayre roundhouse for the Buffalo division.

  12. DANIEL e. bOYLE jR says:

    I see that my Grandfather William Slattery is still available. I wonder what happened to the picture of my Father and Sister.
    Daniel E. Boyle JR

  13. Eric Stevenson says:

    A photo on flickr.com led me to this site. Here is a link to the photo.

  14. norb warnes says:

    Photo #55 includes, from left-to-right, Earl Fredette, Warren Edwards (sitting on motorcycle), Don Bennett, John Crane, and unknown person. The motorcycle was Art Farrel’s; the car, a Buick LaSabre was Don Bennett’s (who was often called “Bend-on-it”). The location is the western terminus of the Lehigh Valley, Tifft Street Yard.

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