Derailments and Wrecks


  1. Robyn Chilson says:

    Looking for any info on Potter Smith. Died July 14, 1890 in Athens Township (Sayre, PA). He died at age 30. Thought maybe railroad accident? His brothers John and Michael Smith worked for LVRR. ANY info appreciated.

  2. Helaine Heiker Lewis says:

    My great great grandfather Augustus Heiker was the engineer of train #15. He died in a train wreck July 1 1879 in Fairview PA when a misplaced switch threw the engine down an embankment. The fireman, Ed Knull, also died in the wreck. I found this out in a newspaper archive. I’d sure like to know where I can get more information on my grandfather and the wreck.

  3. Paula Heckman Konsavage says:

    Photo submitted by Keith Morrison of Lehigh Valley Railroad Engine 427 was on July 1938, I own the exact photo and believe my grandfather is the older gentleman in the photo. The date on the back of my photo has the date July 25, 1938.

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